About Us

Kot Kot Restaurant, KSA

One of the most loved restaurant brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We, Kot Kot Restaurant has been travelling with the people of Saudi Arabia, understanding their taste and cravings. Our delicious menu has always stolen the hearts of people in the region. Our vision is to be the best brand of restaurants in the Middle East with multiple restaurants working with sheer passion towards quality cooking.
We focus on the value of delicious taste in our customer's mind and mouth. We are determined to make the best, to give back to our customers for the immense love they have always given us!
Kot Kot is growing like anything. Our visionary business team is expanding the brand to all regions of KSA. Presently located at 6 different locations in Saudi Arabia, we are set to grow more.

Fresh & Healthy Food

We never compromise on the freshness and hygienicity of our premises and the food we serve at Kot Kot.

Professional Team

Our team, from the senior chef to the table managers make sure that things are executed with perfection.

Quick Delivery

We have delivery service in and around the locations we have our restaurants in Saudi Arabia offering quick delivery.